If there’s one thing we can all be proud of here at Lookers it’s the tireless work that our people do for charity, local communities and Group wide CSR projects.


We are proud to support 353, the charitable trust set up to help members of the military community by delivering long-term support to a variety of charities, soldiers and their families.

The ongoing partnership between Lookers and 353 has raised over £130,000 for ex-military personnel and their families, with the annual Lookers Track Day in its third year of supporting this amazing cause.


Cardioproof is a non-profit organisation that looks to significantly improve survival rates from sudden cardiac arrest. Through one of our Audi dealerships we were able to team up and provide a brand new emergency response vehicle.

Grassroots Sport

At the heart of local communities

Grassroots sports play an important role in local communities, giving those involved the opportunity to improve their physical and mental health, whilst learning and mastering new skills. 

As a people business we're incredibly proud to support local clubs across the UK with funding for new kit and equipment, along with sponsorship deals to help raise awareness across regions and nationwide. 

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