Vicky Mitchell

Victoria Mitchell

Non-Executive Director

Appointed: December 2019

Tenure: 2 years

Membership: PLC, LMGL (Chair), ARC, NomCo, RemCo (Interim Chair)

Skills and Experience:
• Experienced chief operating officer
• Strong risk and legal experience

Victoria has a 30-year history of working in the financial services industry. She is skilled in financial services and risk management.
She was formerly chief operating officer of Capital One (Europe)
plc after previously holding the positions of chief risk officer and chief legal counsel.

As well as her legal background, Victoria also brings broad experience across operations and risk within the financial services sector. Victoria’s deep regulatory experience and understanding of regulation and risk in the financial services sector is of the upmost importance to the long-term sustainability of the Group.

External Appointments:
• Non-executive director of The West Bromwich Building Society
• Non-executive director of N Brown Group plc

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